Thursday, 12 June 2014

Democracy And Water Cannons Don't Walk Hand In Hand.

       Do the hounds of Oxbridge sniff dissent in the air? While Theresa May, possible future queen of the Tory party, and Cameron, with his crown slipping, mull over the possible use of water cannons on our streets, dangerous, ambitious buffoon Johnson, has jumped the gun and order three. Meanwhile the police are salivating at the mouth at the thought of getting new, great big toys. Do they see a rising tide of dissent, have their expert advisers advised them that their continuing plans for swing the austerity axe, will bring in its wake mass unrest? Whatever the reason, water cannons will usher in the end of peaceful protest on our streets. When protesting against some injustice, how do react when faced with rows of shield covered, baton wielding riot police and behind them this monstrosity of brute force, the water cannon? Do you feel confident that everything will be OK as we live in a democracy? Water cannons and democracy do not walk hand in hand. Their only purpose is to intimidate and get you off the street.

This from 38 Degrees:
       Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is deciding on whether to allow the police in England & Wales to use water cannons on our streets. The police say they need them to control protests “from ongoing and potential future austerity measures”. [1]
       Yesterday, London Mayor Boris Johnson jumped the gun and ordered three water cannons for the capital before Theresa’s decision has been made. He’s now been backed by David Cameron, but Theresa May says she’s refusing to be rushed on the important decision. [2]
       38 Degrees member Neal has started a petition demanding that Theresa refuses to lift the ban on water cannons. If we can show there’s enough public opposition to the plans, it could be enough to encourage Theresa to defy David and Boris and keep the machines out of the police’s hands.
     What do you think? You can sign Neal’s petition to keep the ban on the cannons here:

       He says: “The use of water cannon would be a violent and excessive use of force to combat protests on the streets of the UK. The right to protest is one of the most important aspects of our free and open democracy and I believe that the threat of this weapon will be an inhibitor to people of all ages from exercising that right.“

       We have seen all too frequently instances of police abusing their power, and using unnecessary force to break up protests. Be it the death of Ian Tomlinson, or the assault on anti-fracking campaigner Sean O'Donnell, elements of the police force would prefer to use violence and aggression to silence peaceful protest.”

     Can you sign Neal’s petition and demand that Theresa keeps the cannons off our streets?

      Neal started his petition on Campaigns by You, part of the 38 Degrees website where anyone can start a petition to try and make the UK a fairer, more democratic and peaceful place to live. If there’s an issue close to your heart, it takes just a few minutes to get your campaign off the ground. [4]

Thanks for everything you do,
Robin, Bryony, Maddy & the 38 Degrees team.

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[4] Campaigns by You: 
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