Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Corporate Money Syphon Machine.

      I suppose it can be fun, kicking a ball around with a group of people, though not my cup of tea. The World Cup, however is something else. Like all the large corporate spectacles, it is just another way of transferring public money into private bank accounts, though the mainstream media, that babbling brook of bullshit, tries to convince us all, that we, the ordinary people, get all the gains from this corporate plundering of the public purse. The London Olympics benefited lots of corporate bodies, but think how much you personally gained from all that tax payers expenditure? Glasgow's Commonwealth games is another corporate spectacular where we see millions of pounds of tax payers money just simply drain into private bank accounts. The other side of all these corporate spectacles is the repression, people have to be moved out of the way, dispersed from their local communities, to make way for the money spending tourists, and grand venues, that the locals can't afford to use. It is a short sharp manoeuvre, and then the money grabbing machine moves on to milk some other group of tax payers. Nothing to do with the local people, they are a bit of a nuisance to the smooth operation of the plundering of public assets, and long way they continue to be that nuisance.

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