Friday, 20 June 2014

ATOS Still At It.

        Well well, would you believe it, ATOS told fibs, this and the government's idiotic blindness to their failings, allowed ATOS to make millions from tax payers money, as it humiliated, harassed and stressed, our most sick and vulnerable. 
             ATOS made millions from their brutal treatment of the disabled as they carried out the government's Work Capability Assessment scheme. Eventually they had to pull out this lucrative adventure, because of all the bad publicity highlighted by such bodies as Glasgow Against ATOS, and others. Of course undaunted they set about getting their hands on another bundle of tax payers money, knowing that their buddies in The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, would overlook the brutal chaos they left in their wake, with the last contract. Just shove in a phoney tender and hey presto, another contact, in the form of Personal Independence Payments, PIPs, and another stash of tax payers money pops into your bank account.
   "Atos stated in its tender document that it had 'contractual agreements' in place with a national network of 56 NHS hospitals, 25 private hospitals and over 650 physiotherapy practices to provide assessments. This turned out not to be true.
         Will there be fraud charges to follow? I doubt it very much. The bunch of thugs in the Cameron millionaire cabal go into an apoplectic fit, when they even think of someone who may have cheated on their benefit claim, but it is just a finger wagging when corporate bodies plunder the public purse for millions.
          All this back scratching between our governing body of Oxbridge millionaires, and their buddies, corporate CEO's, at no time benefits the ordinary people, it is just a scheme for transferring public money to corporate bank accounts. Cutting benefits, traumatising the disabled, closing Remploy, getting people to work without a wage, will do nothing to improve the social fabric of our society, but it does make a lot of money for the private bodies paid by tax payers money, to carry out these policies. Isn't time we asked, “what's in it for us?”
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