Wednesday, 18 June 2014

All Buddies In The Same Cesspool.

          As we live in a “representative democracy”, you can rest assured as the protests against fracking grow, our government will totally ignore or try to suppress those protests. The main reason is of course, that lots of those millionaires in our “representative democracy” have vested interests in the companies involved. The millionaire Cameron cabal, have buddies in the business, and no doubt there will be the odd nod and wink, while sipping their bubbly. Little remarks dropped at those posh do's with a little nudge-nudge, you know what I mean. Big business and rich politicians all swim in the same cesspool, and quite frankly,they don't give a shit about you and I. They set their agenda and you and I have to be conned, convinced, coerced or intimidated, round to their way of thinking. It is with much thanks to a FOI request by the folks at the website that a lot of information on our millionaire “representative democracy's” policy and policing on this matter has come to light.

        In fact government is littered with executives with a pro-fracking agenda (as uncovered by Frack Off). No wonder the Tories are cheering shale gas along. But Cuadrilla recently went further, feeling confident enough to exert some political pressure of their own: They stated that unless the government changed trespass law in favour of frackers – allowing fracking under people's homes and land without permission – they would pull out of Lancashire. The changes went through.
      This summer Britain is also expected to kick off the “14th onshore licensing round”, due before the end of July. The licences will give the successful bidders drilling rights in an area covering a total of 37,000 square miles. No doubt the government are trying their hardest to assure potential frackers that operations in the UK will be all plain sailing.
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