Sunday, 24 April 2016

Another Grab For Libyan Oil And Gas.

        As the millionaire bunch of corporate buddies, that go by the name of “Her Majesty's Government” start to weave the tapestry of deceit around the “need” to have yet another war in Libya, expect an avalanche of lies, misleading figures and ambiguous statements. In spite of having lived many, many years with this river of propaganda shit, it still makes me choke on my porridge when I hear politicians spout something with a serious face, that clearly contradicts what they have already stated. Our war hungry Mr Hammond states, that, he knew that the new Libyan government would be cautious about requesting western military support but if it did, the government would consider it. Having previously said, “If only it were so simple as there being two sides,----There are about 120.” Of course our lords and masters, who Mr Hammond works for, desire to pick one and help it gain power by throwing in Western military air power and ground troops, is not based on the will of the Libyan people. It is simple economics, they want a subservient, compliant puppet government in Libya, one that will let the West exploit and plunder Libya's vast oil and gas reserves, and UK wants to be at the front of the queue when the real plunder starts.
       So all this talk of air strikes and ground troops to help the non-existent, illusionary Libyan government, is the usual sham of blatant hypocrisy, to cover their strong arm tactics in support Western corporate greed. Do you honestly believe that the Cameron cabal sitting in those palatial halls of power called the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are wrestling with these decisions out of a human desire to help the welfare of ordinary people of Libya? Surely you're not that daft, they don't even give a shit about the people here in this country.
        We have to raise our voices loud and clear that we will not tolerate another bloody conflict, another corporate grab, another imperialist adventure. Wars are never for the benefit of the ordinary people.
            The Western powers are planning a major military escalation in Libya. The UN is trying to impose a new government on the country, despite the fact that both of the two existing and competing authorities have rejected their plans. The reason the West backs the man they call 'Prime Minister designate' Fayez al- Sarraj, is that they expect him to invite the West in to support.
         This helps them avoid a public debate about intervention. On Monday, Michael Fallon made it clear the government disapproves of democratic scrutiny over going to war when he announced a promised bill to enshrine parliamentary debate on military action would be dropped. Their unseemly haste to intervene in Libya is driven by two things. Firstly, a desire to control the oil and gas fields and secondly, a plan to stop refugees crossing the Mediterranean from Libya by force. We need to widen our campaign against the government plans.
        Stop the War is holding a public meeting on Libya this Tuesday 26th April at the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in Central London (235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8EP). Please join us to discuss the situation and how we can oppose another disatrous intervention. 
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  1. The recolonisation of Libya
    by Manlio Dinucci

    "To those who believe that the colonial era is over, the examples of Iraq, Libya and Syria exist to prove them wrong. In 2001, the United States decided – in the logic of the ’War on Terror’ – to attack these three countries and a few others. Certainly, the wars against Tripoli and Damascus did not break out until ten years later, the time necessary to deprive these states of their defences, and to build international coalitions in order to mask colonial objectives as humanitarian operations. Let’s look again at the case of Libya."