Friday, 29 April 2016

When Does Protest Turn To Revolution?

          Protests and demonstrations are never far away in Greece these day. Though not as prevalent  or as massive as just a few years ago. I was four days in Athens at the beginning of April and during those four days there was a very large march and protest by public sector workers. Again, I can say it was a much quieter affair than those when I was there five or six years ago. Two days later there was a strike of taxi drivers in Athens, and it was 100%. as taxis are the main traffic in Athens centre, it was noticeable.  Off the streets there are ongoing protest and hunger strikes in the Greek prisons, the latest today April 29th. in Korydallos prison. 
        All those who resist this oppressive capitalist system command our solidarity, on the streets or in the cages of repression of the state.
        29.04.16: This afternoon the prisoners Fabio Dushku and Tony Nebiu lit a fire in the solitary confinement area to protest their incarceration and also taunts they had received for 10 days regarding their supposed transfers. Those responsible are the court attorney V. Labrakis who admitted that Fabio was being held in solitary confinement unlawfully but told him “you’re fine here, what are you protesting for?” and warden V. Labrakis who constantly pledged that the unlawful isolation would cease but the days kept passing by…
As soon as the fire was lit, the political prisoners who are being held in the underground annex came out of their cells and set fire to their mattresses in the courtyard as a sign of solidarity.
        The smoke from the fires soon reached the second floor where the women prisoners are being held, they also left their cells and came out into the courtyard.
       In the men’s prison of Korydallos, A wing and D wing prisoners mobilized and stayed out of their cells.
        Cops arrived at the prison and it was decided that the transfer of the prisoners would take place – Fabio to Trikala prison and Tony to Grevena prison.
       The cops made a committment that no violence would be committed against the two prisoners.
     At 10:30PM they were transferred and at the same time the political prisoners in the basement annex and the prisoners in A and D wing returned to their cells.
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