Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nuclear Power And State Repression.

        Across the globe people are demanding an end to nuclear power. When there is talk of a new nuclear power station being built, they can never give and exact price and, like all these large contracts, it always runs over budget. The next problem is they can't give a accurate price on decommissioning, except to say it will be astronomical, then they don't really know what to do with the waste from the site, of course the land on which the power station was built, usually can't be used for years and years. So it is no wonder the people don't want to leave that sort of legacy to their children and grandchildren. However, the people's desire to be rid of the nuclear nightmare has no bearing on the various states, they will come down heavy on any group who stand up against this crazy and dangerous source of power. After all a nuclear power station is a massive contract for the corporate world, and we don't expect "our" governments to get in the way of that feeding trough. We certainly don't expect them to follow the will of the people.
This from Act For Freedom Now: 
– We need help immediately!
       Today 28.4. around 3 pm, riot cops and a police patrol with dogs started to approach the camp. We communicated clearly to the police with a megaphone that they are not welcome, and we don’t want to engage in conflict with them. The police didn’t say anything or answer any questions.
      The police started to shoot people with a projectile / rubber bullet gun and the people at the camp defended themselves by throwing rocks. The police were clearly aiming for the activists heads, backs of heads and upper bodies with the gun. People got hit several times on the area of their upper bodies. As far as we know, not to their heads though… The police got hit several times with the rocks, and there was one police car burning up in flames at the area.
      After a long struggle with delay tactics, the police managed to move ahead to the camp when the people who were defending the camp disappeared to the forest. In the camp the police shot projectiles towards the kitchen-collective people. The police evacuated all the people from the camp, and took some people into custody.
       The police have also threatened to evict another camp location which is still in our use.
        We don’t accept giving into repression and police violence, and the struggle against Fennovoima will continue. Now we’ll need everyone to help build up the camp again, and to continue the fight and actions against Fennovoima. We invite comrades to this fight wherever you are – let’s aim our actions towards the companies which are working with/for Fennovoima, the embassies of Finland, or the local police.

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