Monday, 4 April 2016

Warm Air On Ageing Bones.

          Hi, this will be my last posting here for a couple of weeks. I'm off to let some warm air caress my ageing bones. So see you soon.


Bustling town,
Greek warriors striding towards me
erect, looking straight ahead
dressed in traditional dress.
Skin tight jeans, knee length Jimmy Chow boots,
ample cleavage, displayed,
topped with Prada sunglasses
and Gucci bag slung over the shoulder.
Noisy cafes, loud animated conversation,
no hands, no voice.
Click of dice, backgammon the religion.
An array of coffees, delivered
to background music born of a forced marriage,
traditional Greek, rock and rap, Greek pop.
White and beige apartment blocks
scarred by long dark shadows,
set ablaze in a scarlet fire
by a fireball sun that seeks the sea,
creating a firestorm across the sky.
Only a lingering kiss with the sea can cool its ire.
Apartments, villas, tavernas,
marauding groups, two’s, three’s, four’s.
Sometimes lying around in the sun,
sometimes following you,
sometimes howling at you.
Everywhere, the street dogs of Greece.
Sitting on my rock
On the side of the mountain,
the sun in my face,
not a breath of wind, not a sound.
Ah, this must be the valley
Where the Gods sleep.
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1 comment:

  1. BONES (Adrienne Mar 8, 2015)

    Do you ever think about your bones?

    The way the support everything we do.

    They break and they age and they grow.

    Bones hold every story you've ever told.

    From the time you broke your toe dancing to ice ice baby

    to the time you wrote a new chapter.

    Bones are everything we are

    and everything we ever will be

    Our bones are what's left behind

    after we move on to the next life

    Our bones will tell our lives stories.

    The carpal tunnel from writing, painting and playing an instrument

    these are all left behind

    to tell the archaeologists we

    were here

    and we tried to show the world

    we cared

    about its


    Have a good time and take care of your bones!