Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Corporate Greed Or Anarchism.

      The corporate greed machine now knows its strength and is ever increasingly flexing its muscles. The number of corporations challenging government legislation, stating that it is damaging their profits, and winning billions of dollars of tax payers money is increasing.
      You may lobby your government to bring legislation to safeguard the environment and some multi-million pound corporation can challenge it in court stating that it is impeding its drive for profit. One new case is the Tobie Mining and Energy company which has launched a $16.5 billion lawsuit against the Columbian government because the government blocked a gold mining operation that was damaging the Amazon Forest. Of course if it wins, it is $16.5 billion of tax payers money that flows into the corporations coffers.
     There have been other cases and to lawyers this is big business. 
Fifteen years ago, Parada’s work was a minor niche even within the legal business. But since 2000, hundreds of foreign investors have sued more than half of the world’s countries, claiming damages for a wide range of government actions that they say have threatened their profits. In 2006, Ecuador cancelled an oil-exploration contract with Houston-based Occidental Petroleum; in 2012, after Occidental filed a suit before an international investment tribunal, Ecuador was ordered to pay a record $1.8bn – roughly equal to the country’s health budget for a year. (Ecuador has logged a request for the decision to be annulled.)
        Under this insane economic system the power of money over-rides the will of the people, rain forests and mountain areas are commodities to be exploited for profit. The world's diverse environment is necessary for our survival, to the powerful corporations they are there to be ripped apart to fatten the bank accounts of the already over wealthy pampered parasites. To curtail the power of wealth over the will of the people, we will have to end this greed driven brutal exploitative system of capitalism, and replace it with a system of community based mutual aid, co-operation between communities, sustainability and a system that sees to the needs of all our people, in a word, anarchism.
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