Monday, 4 April 2016

Capitalism, The Cheats Paradise.

      Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media is all in a flutter of the Panama leaks, which seems to suggest that some rich millionaires might be fiddling the books, surely not!!! From what they've printed, it seems to be all the bad guys that the west doesn't like, We have Putin linked, Gaddaffi, is mentioned, Mubarak, and Assad are mentioned, of we all know that no Western leaders would be implicated in such dirty dealings, we are democratic. Believe that and you'll believe any bullshit. There is a mention of PM Cameron's daddy being involved in what they call creative accounting. "Off shore" is a euphemism for very large pig trough.
        It would be more interesting to see who among the UK pampered parasites are not involved. We expect the lot to have their greedy snouts firmly tucked into the trough, while posing in photo ops as upstanding individuals. They inhabit a stewpot of self interest, greed and corruption. No doubt some will still manage to tut-tut at it all.  They are all underhand wheelers and dealers, that's what they do, It does get awful close to Lizzie's associates: (Elizabeth Windsor's family bank Coutts & Co are implicated in the Panama Papers scandal. They made 487 tax haven firm start-up requests to Mossack Fonseca, making them one of the most prominent applicants to tax haven schemes.) Time to clean the pig shed out.
      To me this isn't news, it is the way they do things, though it is satisfying to see the dirty washing being hung out to dry. Who needs them.
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  1. Vampires hide in far places the blood that they extract us all.

  2. The question is not so much where they hide the money. No matter where they have it: it is money stolen. All millionaire is a thief.