Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Nuit Debout.

       Workers rights are being shredded across Europe, no matter the particular colour of the cabal in power, the legislation is much the same. Easier to be fired, more casual and part-time jobs, longer hours, less attention to health and safety, and much more. It's called reforming working conditions, according to the corporate bosses it will boost efficiency and profitability, though nothing there to improve the living standards of the ordinary people, on the contrary, we pay for the so called boost in efficiency and profitability by deteriorating living standards.
       Not everybody is taking this lying down, protests are growing across the continent and further afield. At the moment French people have taken to the streets in their thousands, and this has been going on since the end of March. However, you'll not find much about this anger of the people in our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media. According to that putrid sewer of propaganda, everything is fine.
        From LINKS, International Journal Of Socialist Renewal, here is an update on the French uprising, "Nuit Debout" 


Nuit Debout’s call to action; Reflections on 'Nuit Debout'

 April 21, 2016 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from CADTM -- Since 31 March, we are settled on Republic square (in Paris) and on many other places everywhere throughout France.

Our mobilisation was initially aimed at protesting against the French Labour Law. This reform is not an isolated case, since it comes as a new piece in the austerity measures which already affected our European neighbours and which will have the same effects as the Italian Job Acts or the Reforma Laboral in Spain. This concretely means more layoffs, more precarity, growing inequalities and the shaping of private interests. We refuse to suffer this shock strategy, notably imposed in the context of an authoritarian state of emergency.
The debates taking place in the assemblies on Republic square prove that the general exasperation goes way beyond the Labour Law and opens a more global issue: the reconsideration of a social and political system stuck into a deep crisis and on its way out. We will not be the ones crying because of its end.
This movement was not born and will not die in Paris. From the Arab Spring to the 15M Movement, from Tahrir Square to Gezi park, Republic square and the plenty of other places occupied tonight in France are depicting the same angers, the same hopes and the same conviction: the need for a new society, where Democracy, Dignity and Liberty would not be hollow shells.
Supporting testimonies received from abroad warm us and strengthen our commitment. This movement is yours too. It has no limit, no border and it belongs to all of those who wish to be part of it. We are thousands, but we can be millions. Together, standing, awake. Let’s rise up together.
The #40mars (9 of april), organise your #Nuitdebout
Press contact: nuitdeboutpresse@riseup.net)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NuitDebout/
Tumblr: https://nuitdebout.tumblr.com/
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  1. "According to that putrid sewer of propaganda, everything is fine." But we dont live in the newspapers nor on the screens. Our struggle is on the streets, at work and in every social event.

    Workers of the world, unity and solidarity!