Thursday, 28 April 2016

Democracy Via The Bomb And The Bullet!!!!

       Despite Glasgow's lousy, cold, hailstones and windy weather, a brave and dedicated bunch from the Scottish Peace Network, held their monthly anti-war vigil at the top of Buchanan Street, at the Donald Dewar statue, Wednesday evening, 5pm-6pm. Practically the whole of the Middle East, as far up as Afghanistan, is mired in blood, death and destruction, mainly thanks to the kindness of Western imperialism doing its utmost to introduce them to Western democracy (dominating them to the benefit of Western imperialism) via the bomb and the bullet. Also, the burning desire of the Cameron cabal to resurrect the Libyan slaughter by more bombing and ground troops, means that such protests/vigils are more important now than ever before. 
       We must raise our voices ever louder, against this continuous slaughter of ordinary people. Those who die in this Western imperialist desire for oil and gas, are the bus drivers, teachers, shop keepers, taxi drivers, plumbers, the young, the elderly and the infirm, of those unfortunate countries. The ordinary people are always the ones that pay in wars, the powerful and wealthy reap the plunder.
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