Friday, 1 April 2016

States' Cattle Herding Exercise.

         The "refugee crisis", I prefer to call it "the humanitarian crisis ignited and exacerbated by Western foreign policy" to the causal  glance appears to be chaos, but I see it as the usual state control. People are channelled and controlled, "the Balkan corridor" and then herded like cattle at border points and the states are getting organised at the point of entry and setting up a deportation system. As usual the various states will disagree on method and pace, but all agree in herding and control over the movement of people.
          From one of the entry points, at a No Borders Kitchen on Lesvos, a report by Contra Info:
        On the island of Lesvos, where the deportation machine is working at full speed, all the camps for refugees are cleared out and the registration center ‘moria’ has showed the true purpose and is now functioning as an deportation centre, NBK is still standing strong and operating at full speed.
         The current situation is that we now host a couple of hundred refugees, who have been hunted down on the island by frontex and police and have no other place to go. The kitchen is up and running day and night to help anyone in need on food, shelter, medical aid and a (semi)safe place to rest, where refugees work side by side with people in solidarity on an equal level. We host, the refugees participate, and together we keep the camp up and daily life running.
        Already the rumors were spreading that NBK will be evicted soon, since its an ‘ illegal’ camp and the last camp on the island were refugees are to be found, besides the unfortunate ones who have been arrested and moved to the Moria deportation center (which is still called a ‘ registration center’ by the officials). For days we have had police coming by in small numbers, sometimes checking passports of people in solidarity, sometimes searching people for drugs outside NBK, sometimes counting the numbers of people in the food-line and taking pictures.. Also they started arresting refugees on the road from NBK to the city of Mytilini, which is a huge problem since NBK as it’s on a dead-end street and there is only one way to walk.
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