Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Wars Make Money For The Rich.

         With the Cameron cabal following in the footsteps of their imperial ancestors, and hoping to renew the bombing of Libya, in an attempt to set up a compliant, puppet government, in that part of the oil rich world, it is important that we raise, even louder, our voices against all military adventurism. In all these imperialist adventures of "bring democracy" to a country via the bomb and the bullet, it is the ordinary people who die in their thousands, while the corporate world that grows fat on the looted assets.
 This from The Scottish Peace Network:
        The next monthly vigil, sponsored by the Scottish Peace Network, will take place on Wednesday, April 27, from, 5 to 6pm at Dewar's statue on Buchanan Street. We will be protesting the bombing of Iraq and Syria, also against the renewed threat of UK bombing Libya, and weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and urging everyone to resist militarism.
        We have placards, a banner and flyers. Feel free to bring your own placards. Please share through your circles and networks.

   Hope to see everyone there.

Visit ann arky's home at www.radicalglasgow.me.uk

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