Friday, 22 April 2016

The Sleazy Slush Fund For Millionaires.

        Talk of tax avoidance/evasion is all over the news at the moment, as if it was something special and out of the ordinary, and only done by dodgy foreigners. However, you and I know that it is common practice among our home grown millionaire pampered parasites., they are all members of the same club, the Millionaires' Exploiting Club, and are always looking for ways and means to grow their loot without paying anything towards the social fabric of our society. Corporations, and millionaires/billionaires, don't like prying eyes seeing the extent of their ill-gotten gains, so with the aid of over paid lawyers and accountants, through a web of complex fabricated trust funds and mock companies, it is all stashed away in tax havens, well hidden from tax officials.
       According to recent research by Oxfam, the amount of this stashed loot is staggering, the true figure world wide will never be know but they state that 50 of the biggest US companies, including such names as Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Alphabet, (Google)and Goldman Sachs have booty of approximately $1.3 trillion stashed away in cubby holes in these tax havens. This whopping cesspool of ill gotten gains is greater than the GDP of Spain, Mexico or Australia.
        We would be naive to believe that it is only large American corporations that are at it with their filthy loot, it is the way the game is played in the world of greed driven capitalism. All the supposed legislation to “clamp down” on such practices, is just a charade, to appease the peasants. It looks good on the politicians CV. They are not likely to do anything to upset their corporate masters, after all they are there to protect that sleazy world of of their corporate masters. 

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