Sunday, 3 April 2016

I Dream Of Fires Of The Future.

Two poems today, and why not?

I Dream.

I dream
A world where man
No other man will scorn,
Where love will bless the earth
And peace its paths adorn.
I dream a world where all
Will know sweet freedom's way,
Where greed no longer saps the soul
Nor avarice blights our day.
A world I dream where black or white,
Whatever race you be,
Will share the bounties of the earth
And ever man is free,
Where wretchedness will hang its head
And joy, like a pearl,
Attends the needs of all mankind----
Of such a I dream, my world!

Fires Of The Future.

I am fire,
I surge,   I hiss,
sometimes bursting forth in flame
that lights up the world
illuminating unimagined dreams.
Then the black cloak
blankets out the glow.
Again all is dark,
but,    still
beneath the surface
I surge,    I hiss,
I endure, waiting, seeking,
building up pressure.
One day I will explode
destroying forever
the Tartarean crust of oppression. 
I am fire,
I am the people.

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  1. José Agustín Goytisolo. Born in Barcelona on 13 April 1928, his family was brutally shaken by the death of his mother (Julia Gay) nn an aerial bombardment of Franco, in 1938. José Agustín was specially affected, and named his daughter after his lost mother. 'Words for Julia' is one of his best-known poems (sung by Paco Ibáñez -anarchist-

    Here's the poem translated into English.

    José Agustín Goytisolo
    Words for Julia

    You cannot turn back
    because life's pushing you
    like a never-ending howl.

    My daughter, it's better to live
    with the happiness of mankind,
    than to cry before the blind wall.

    You will feel cornered,
    you will feel lost or lonely,
    maybe you'll wish you hadn't been born.

    I know very well they will tell you
    that there is no object to life,
    that it is an unfortunate affair.

    Then always remember
    what I wrote one day
    thinking of you as I am now thinking.

    A man alone, a woman,
    taken like that, one by one,
    are like dust, are nothing.

    But when I talk to you,
    when I write these words for you,
    I also think of other people.

    Your destiny is in others,
    your future is your own life,
    your dignity is that of everybody.

    Others expect you to resist,
    your happiness to help them,
    your song among their songs.

    Then always remember
    what I wrote one day
    thinking of you as I am now thinking.

    Never give up or halt
    by the road, never say
    I can't take it any more and here I stop.

    Life is beautiful, you will see
    how in spite of the sorrows
    you'll have love, you'll have friends.

    For the rest there is no choice
    and this world as it is
    will be all your patrimony.

    Forgive me, I do not know
    what more to say, but you understand
    that I am still on my way.

    And always, always, remember
    what I wrote one day
    thinking of you like I am now thinking.

  2. Beautiful words, some have the gift of capturing emotions in words, without the emotion, words are just sounds.