Friday, 1 April 2016

Homeless In A Cruel Climate And A Very Rich Country.

        As you walk through the centre of Glasgow you will come across an unusual site on George Square, a small encampment of tents. They are not there as tourists, it is very cold and wet here. What they are doing is trying to draw attention to the homeless problem in Glasgow. These are homeless people, which in a city with innumerable empty properties, this is an indictment against "our city fathers". Humanity demands that nobody should  have to sleep out in conditions like this, every individual in our cities, towns and villages must have a place of safe, warm, shelter. You cannot be a civilised human being and turn your back on those how for a multitude of reasons, find themselves homeless. It is not because there is no where to house them, it is the value structure of this society that says, empty property is worth more than human life.
        All those in that fine building, The Kremlin in George Square, will pontificate, do research and write papers on the homeless, then go home to a warm, safe home, to comfort and food, leaving those that they are writing their papers on to spend the night facing the elements of a cruel climate. Is it too far to stretch their fixed inhuman heads to come up with several empty premises and open them to those in need of shelter and warmth. This is the twenty first century in one of the richest countries in the world, why should people be homeless?
        The city fathers answer to the problem is to evict them from George Square, and in their tiny minds, problem solved, but the people are still homeless. Just pushed out of site, swept under the carpet, driven up dark lanes. Faced with such injustice who can blame homeless people from taking matters into their own hands, rather than face another night seeking somewhere safe and warm to lay their head.
         We have a right and a duty to see that everybody is adequately provided for, food, safe shelter and warmth, it is called civilisation, however, by their actions, our politicians are proving themselves to be far from civilised.
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  1. The system squanders vast amounts of resources, but ignores a large part of the population. This perverse equation, disqualifies and condemns capitalism forever.