Saturday, 24 August 2019

Can We Sing Our Way To That Better World?

         As anarchists we are always looking at ways to get our message across to the general public, there is a multitude of methods, dialogue, meetings, leaflets, literature, poetry, protests, demonstrations, music, squats, by example, and many many more, and we should utilise them all to our advantage.
This from Embers:

      Talking to Lee Reed, anarchist organizer and MC from Hamilton, ON and self-described mouthy jerk. We talk about how his political music and focus have changed over time, artists and anarchists finding themselves in conflict over gentrification and figuring out what to do about it, Locke St repression and supporting Pride defenders, his recent Polaris nomination for the Steal City EP, and more. Plus I crammed this episode full of great tracks, old and new. Enjoy!
Music in this episode:
Lee Reed - The Bank

Mat Heddle feat. Lee Reed - Gtfh

Warsawpack - Doomsday Device

Lee Reed - Fuck No
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