Friday, 23 August 2019

Sustainable Green Or Suicide?

      It would be a fool or a corporate boss, that claims that climate change is not happening and what changes there are, is not down to human activity. Those same fools would also deny that this activity is a threat to the existence of the human species, along with most other species. The body of evidence keeps piling up proving that we humans, if we continue with our present economic system, are committing suicide and in the not too distant future.
       Despite the evidence, the scientific data, the detailed research, pointing to this inevitable out come of our present way of living, states and corporate bodies continue to pursue the insanity of the illusion of perpetual growth and ever increasing production. For the system to survive it must push for greater production and ever increasing consumption, without these two foundations of this economic system the whole edifice would collapse. The powers that be will do everything in their power to see that that doesn't happen, they have too much power and too many privileges they will defend, even if that defence sends us all into oblivion.
       It is obvious that the present economic system cannot be allowed to continue, if we want the human species to continue, but the destruction of the system will not come from the managers of that system. It is up to us, the ordinary people of this world to start and try to live outside the economic madness that prevails today. Small steps, small actions, must became large sustainable efforts with the one aim, to bring down this crazy economic march to oblivion. We humans should do well to remember, spaceship Earth has no escape capsule.
The following from Enough Is Enough:

      It is now one week ago that some people occupied the Osterholz forest in Wuppertal (German territory). This week we watched the deers galloping through the forest. Watching the frogs moving through Chalk Town in wet weather conditions. We were also allowed to listen to eagle owls when they go hunting in the dark. And there were so many great people visiting us. We had many conversations about ecology, the destructive way of life of the old world and how we can build another world. It was an inspiring week.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt. Translated by Enough 14.

      The old world has trouble saying goodbye. It sends scouts at the fence of the Oetelshofen company and human beings in uniform threatening with pepper spray and police dogs. For us this is not a surprise, it only increases our determination to fight for this forest. Although climate change clearly shows that the time of the old world is over, many of the humans who are moving in this old world do not seem to be able to say goodbye to their prefabricated way of thinking. It’s mostly about cost reduction and the logic of profit. And “investment security”. As long as it doesn’t cost too much, there can still be a little environmental protection. But we won’t be able to stop climate change this way.
      Capitalism has brought the old world into the situation in which it is today. The destructive force that destroyed most of the primeval forests in Europe is working hard to destroy the last few remnants of primeval forest in Europe. Ikea sends devastating greetings from the Carpathians. But the old world also imports the goods for which the Amazon is uprooted. Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is called upon to stop deforestation, but at the same time trade agreements are signed that will fuel the same deforestation from “the lungs of the earth”. The CDU and many other representatives of the old world send their greetings.
       Newer forests are also threatened by deforestation, such as the Osterholz forest. The old world is ruthlessly pumping out groundwater, whether for open-cast mining in the Rhineland or the limestone quarry in Osterholz. It releases a lot of CO2 by burning lime and using fossil fuels such as lignite. The old world produces and produces. Lots of these products damage the earth’s ecosystem for overproduction. So for nothing. But the old world doesn’t care, the most important thing is to earn Euros.
      Today (August 22) humans of the political party CDU want to “inform” various media representatives and others in the Osterholz forest. At 16:30, to be exact. The CDU Wuppertal believes that environment and business can only go together. In their thought pattern of yesterday’s eternity, they apparently have not yet understood that it is the capitalist logic of profit that shows the old world its limits. Climate change cannot be negotiated with, the earth demands that we humans act consistently or the earth acts itself and will put an end to this capitalist madness. Many people will come to the forest today to make this clear once again.
      The new world will produce on basis of needs. In the New World everyone can take part and ecological considerations will always come first. Not the logic of profit. That is the way we have to go. It will not be painless, we will have to do without some things. But if we open our minds and free ourselves from the thinking pattern of the old world, we will realize that we do not need many of the “products” that are advertised in the old world.
       We will continue to enjoy our time together with all other living beings in the Osterholz forest and fight for this forest. Let’s move into a new world!

Jeder Baum Zählt (Every tree counts), August 22, 2019
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