Saturday, 17 August 2019

That Big Weapon, Solidarity.

       It is always encouraging to see people come together in solidarity against an injustice inflicted on one individual. Time and time again solidarity and direct action win battles where appeals to adjudicators, and lawyers fail, or drag out for ages adding to the injustice. Solidarity is a weapon we should always have in our minds it does win battles, and it creates bonds and builds confidence in our ability to take control of our own lives. Lots of little victories can lead to the one final victory when we abolish this vicious system of exploitation for profit.

      Report from Little Village Solidarity Network who recently won back lost wages through a direct action campaign.
Thank you to everyone who helped us fight the wage thieving bosses at Jojo’s Milk Bar! They finally paid up last week, after nearly a month of struggle, due to the pressure our picket was putting on their business.
We more or less shut down their ice cream shop on the evenings of Saturday Aug. 3, and Tuesday, Aug. 6. They paid up on Wednesday, delivering a check for $545.00 to Federico Ramirez.

        It is important to emphasize that solidarity as it was manifested via collective direct action is what rendered these results possible. It wasn’t by appealing to attorneys or the department of labor. This is only a small sample size of what is possible if we organize!.
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