Thursday, 15 August 2019

To End Racism, Borders Must Fall.

        The translation may not be the best, the phrases at times a little confusing, but what is crystal clear is that this is a cry for help from people who have had their rights removed and are being treated abysmally by the state machine. What is also crystal clear is the blatant cruelty, gross injustice, inhuman treatment of vulnerable people and the open racism by the police and the state apparatus. However this is not unusual, it is standard practice in every state across the planet. Migrants that group of human beings stripped of their rights, set aside because of colour, race or country of origin, the normal routine of state policy no matter where we live. Only when we destroy the state system and remove all borders from every map will we see an end to this  brutal policy of divide and rule for the benefit of the few.

         The terrible situation of immigrants in the ậty̰ḵy̰ police station, Athens
         What I write, the situation of immigrants in the police station is a fire, which is written and published on the request of the immigrants that we were also prisoners.
         As if we don't exist, some of us have been here for three months, the first day when the police arrested and brought here, we were taken from the criminal prints and so that there is no news of them to even ask what the time is.
        Every day, every hour, we ask them to let us sign the refugee sheet but the police don't care and lie that we have called with ptrwrạly̰ (Ậlạdạpwn: main immigration center) right now and this is not our fault but petrov the phone They don't pick up or they're busy and...
        The food here is very very bad and not enough; some of us have committed suicide a few times and some others will do it soon because we are so tired, maybe this is the only way for the police at least Let's get us out of here for a moment.
         We don't have money and contact outside is very expensive, we have to buy a phone card which is also four euro call for four minutes.
Most of us are alone in Greece, but we miss our families, for the light of the sunshine, because there is a building in the only cell window, which can prevent the touch of sun on our skin.
        We need the help of people who are out, we need that they care about us, yes it is true that we do not exist on our paper (mention of not having any legal sheet in proof that they exist) but the truth is that We exist.
       August 13th, when the police moved me to court for the trial, the first thing that came in front of my eyes was a court full of immigrants, when I talked to some of them, I realized that the only reason for their presence here is That their first face does not look like the ạrwpạỷy̰ạn, so the police have stopped them to search because in the racist of the system, your skin bell is enough to be charged with being a criminal; the second they did not have any legal proof to prove exist.
       I read my political statement, in a court where the immigrants were under racist insult of police; I read it, when I was full of armed police police with a gun that killed 15-Year-old teen Alexis Gry̰gwrwpwlws; I read it once. That a few days ago, the same courts released her killer; I read it, when the judges looked into my eyes and lie that how the court and the police deal with the Greek and the immigrants are no different; I read it, When it was very clear that the presence of immigrants in the court was part of the criminal program to show the identity of the immigrant identity; this trial was a good example for ahwazi justice, read injustice.
        (Abtin Parsa's political statement on August 13th: I stopped giving criminal prints to the police, because I do not accept the charge of being a criminal, in fact, the real criminals are the police who are armed in the society and kill people. These were the police who shot 15-Year-old teen Alexis Gry̰gwrwpwlws, it's not us immigrants who are dangerous to the society, but these are the police, the government and police are trying to make us look criminals to be the reason for the presence of all this. Immigrants in the court are the same and racist thoughts of police)


        What I said was not a personal statement, but it was a common pain and problem that has been forced to us by the society's oppression by the authority.

Abtin Parsa August 15, 2019
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