Sunday, 11 August 2019

History Remembered, A Future Glanced At.

                 Spirit of Revolt's event, on Saturday 10th of August, Spirit of Revolt-Showcase, in conjunction with Govanhill International Festival was a great success, a fair number of folks turned up and those who did were enthusiastic about our project and the material on display, also good to meet old friends. On display was lots of photos, posters, papers and rare pamflets, books CD's, plenty of material relating to the South side of Glasgow and further a field. Material from The Pollok Free State motorway battle, Castlemilk claimants union, poll-tax, Guy Aldred's The Word, and much much more, a grand slice of Glasgow's radical history. All the material is available for viewing at our Archive in The Mitchell Library, also we have put a considerable amount of the archive on line for easy access for the general public, just visit our website and browse your own history, not that of the kings of industry, monarchs, and military darlings of the the system.
                So a big thank you to all those who made it happen and a double thank you to all those who turned up, and a bigger thank you for your enthusiasm, you help us to realise we are doing the right thing in recording this part of history that is all too often lost and forgotten. For those who didn't manage to the event, you can still see lots of Glasgow's radical history by visiting our website, 
        Some photos from the event.


Great when old friends turn up.

 Two old codgers that just live for this stuff.

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