Friday, 16 August 2019

The Jackdaw Is Free.

        I love to see anarchist papers hit the streets, it is where we need to shout our ideas, it is where we meet total strangers and introduce them to our way of thinking. I love it even more when they are FREE.

          Issue 6 of Jackdaw, the ACG’s free bulletin is back from the printers and is winding it’s way to ACG locals and stockists up and down the country.
       We aim to publish Jackdaw quarterly and it gets handed out on street distributions, demos, at meetings and can be found in radical bookshops and social centres.
      This issue is 12 pages and contains articles on climate change, Atos, immigration camps, Johnson, the Brexit Party, Essex libraries, No war but the class war, workplace notes and more.
         If you want to see the low resolution version, it can be downloaded from our publications page. Otherwise, pick one up.
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