Sunday, 4 August 2019

Vote: What For?

        It becomes more and more glaringly obvious that voting for any one of a bunch of self opinionated politicians is a pointless exercise. History throws this in our face generation after generation, but still there are those who persist. It's not that there haven't been people pointing his out throughout those generations, and anarchists have always been there at the forefront, raising the banner of self determination  among communities, in co-operation with other communities, rather than this self enslaving capitalist orientated party political system that has dominated and enslaved our lives for generations.
        An excellent little booklet, by a well know Glasgow anarchists, Bobby Lynn, "Vote: What For? explains clearly the futility of this voting system. Bobby was a Glasgow anarchist, 1924-1990, born and lived in Calton Glasgow, one of Glasgow’s many slums. Started work as an engineering apprentice in Yarrow’s shipyard, became involved in working class struggle and remained committed to that struggle all his life. A copy of his booklet is held in the Spirit of Revolt Archive and can be read on line HERE,
      The futility of voting was also a point powerfully made made by that great American comedian George Carlin:

       Perhaps by intellect and humour we will finally all see the futility and the damage done by this dangerous and destructive process of handing our power to a few wealthy careerists, who will use us and abuse us, to their own ends and that of their wealthy cronies.
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