Saturday, 3 August 2019

Your Choice, inevivable Fascism, Or A Fight For Freedom.

     Today freedom, justice, equality and democracy are fast becoming a chimera, a distant illusion on a far horizon. There has been talk of America being a state governed by the secret police, the FBI, that answers only to itself, and allows the corporate world to function untrammeled by public interference. The UK is now a well developed Big Brother state, where the population is monitored in its every move and sorted out into who merits further surveillance who should be arrested on the assessment of what facial recognition and computer profiling suggest. Both systems being a draconian nightmare for the population, where the word freedom is regarded as a terrorist expression and a desire for privacy is seen as a cover for devious activity. Further to this, there is something rotten at the heart of Europe, here Fascism spreads like some poisonous deadly epidemic. Unchecked and backed by other states in Europe, states who see nothing wrong in Fascism as it keeps the population on tramlines that allow the capitalist system to flourish. The only resistance to this nightmare must be the people themselves, their is no messiah or knight in shining armour standing in the wings ready to lead us to the promised land. We the people will have to find our own way out of this nightmare of corporate and state bondage. We have to take on the whole rotten system head on, with no illusions the the powerful and wealthy who control this festering cancer will abandon their powerful and privileged positions without a bitter fight. That is the only way out of this road we are walking, a road to human bondage and destruction of humanity.

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