Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Spirit of Revolt "Read Of The Month".

        As always, the volunteers at Spirit of Revolt are busy doing what they can to bring the people to the Archive, and bring their history to the people. We put on exhibitions, pop up stalls at different events and of course our "Read of the Month". This month, August, it is a short text by Glasgow anarchists, Farquhar McLay:

      Spirit of Revolt’s August 2019, “Read of The Month” is a short text by Farquhar McLay, Glasgow anarchist, activist, writer, poet and deserter from the British army. Farquhar had many works published and played a prominent part in the Workers City group in Glasgow. The group was formed to counter the City Council’s distorted view of Glasgow being promoted by the City Council during Glasgow’s European City of Culture 1990. In this text Farquhar lays open the duplicity and the council members’ lack of knowledge of the ordinary people of Glasgow. Enjoy.
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