Friday, 30 August 2019

Display Your Bias Game.

        It is blatantly obvious to any thinking person that capitalism has done and is doing tremendous damage to the planet, creating divisions and wars between people for false and malicious reasons. Therefore it should be challenged and destroyed, and there are lots of people dedicating their lives to that aim. However what seems less acceptable to people at large is that religion has been for far more centuries been responsible for wars, and dividing people for false and malicious reasons. Religion has a far longer history of brutality and wars than capitalism, yet it still, in most societies, holds a place of privilege, WHY? 
      I wrote this little piece four years ago, but think it is well worth posting again, it shows up most people's built in bias. I would like the experiment to be more widely used, it might open a few more eyes to the crass stupidity of following a religion.

 Quran V Bible?
         It is weird how the accepted religion is good, but other people's religion is backward, out of step with human nature, and in cases downright cruel. However I personally put all of them in the one rat-bag that has plagued humanity for countless centuries. The religious cherry pick their religion, quoting the parts from their holy-of-holy books they like, but ignoring the parts that are unpalatable. I just loved this little experiment carried by a couple of individuals. A video well worth the watch.

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