Thursday, 22 August 2019

Civilised Society That Treats People Like Cattle.

        Just to hammer home the point that here we are in the 21st. century, and in the so called developed civilised world, the state system that we live by still herds human beings like cattle, strips them of their rights, and in other barbaric ways persecutes them. The crime these unfortunate people have committed is to have crossed those imaginary lines called borders.
        The atmosphere remains tense and edgy in the detention centre of Corso Brunelleschi: during a storm on Friday, a young man took advantage of guards and forces of order’s diverted attention to climb bars and walls and conquer freedom.
        Even if the official media present protests and fires with an aura of exceptionality, burning mattresses and the few pieces of furniture left is now a recurring practice to draw attention to the many problems inside, the least being the lack of a barber. Recently prisoners also told us that there was not enough shampoo for them to wash their hair or any fresh water to drink.
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From Tenerife Spain:

Spain : Revolt and escape at the detention centre for migrants in Tenerife 
      In the detention centre of Hoya Fria, in Santa Cruz, on the island of Tenerife, prisoners set off a revolt while in the yard of the concentration camp on Saturday 2nd August. About twenty people managed to climb the fences and escape from the concentration camp.
The entire police force of the island has been on a man hunt in these hours: seven people have been captured but the others are still on the run.
From America:

            The third week in June began with a broad political discussion on whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s designation of migrant detention centers as “concentration camps” was the correct nomenclature for holding rooms in which 41 detainees live in a cell built for eight. It ended with heinous reports of the conditions at said camps, where undocumented migrant children are being held away from their families in conditions “worse than jail,” according to physician Dolly Lucio Sevier, who wrote up a medical declaration obtained by ABC News after visiting Border Patrol holding facilities along the border in Texas. Here’s everything we’ve learned about conditions in the detention camps in recent weeks.
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From UK:

       In some senses they look, sound, smell and taste just like prisons: bland food, bleak corridors, standard-issue tracksuits and blue flip-flops, and the mechanical clunk at 9pm when everyone is locked in for the night.
       But Britain’s network of immigration removal centres are a case apart for the 25,000-plus people who pass through one each year: there is no rehabilitation, no criminal sentence, very often no time limit on the loss of liberty. Many of those incarcerated say the conditions are far worse than actual prison.
     The Guardian has spoken to dozens of current and former detainees who have provided grim testimony about what life behind bars in these 10 facilities is like. They describe depression, limbo, occasional hysteria and an all-pervading angst on the part of those detained.
       The internal architecture is bleak. To reach the visiting room at Harmondsworth IRC near Heathrow airport visitors must provide their passports, a biometric thumbprint, surrender themselves to detailed pat-down searches from surgical-gloved security guards and pass through several sets of locked doors.
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