Sunday, 25 August 2019

Governments Fiddle While The Planet Burns.

        It has been in the news recently, and there has been condemnation and outrage, and rightly so. The Amazon fires, the raging capitalist driven burning of the planet's lung. This is surely the most greed driven insane action of capitalism for many years, if not ever. All accepted rational scientific information states clearly, to survive our species needs the Amazon forests. This destructive action has no other reason than money for the rich and powerful, spearheaded by macho, fascist, psychopath Balsonaro. What we see is from afar, but their are people who live in the forests and have no other way of live except to live with and in the forest, it is their way of life and their culture that is going up in smoke. If this continues, then we will be the next to feel the utter folly of burning the planet's lung, nobody will escape this suicide pact with the corporate juggernaut and the financial Mafia. It may already be too late, if there is life out there in outer space, they must be looking on in complete disbelief, watching a supposed intelligent, ration species, stand by and allow a small group of their own, engineer collective suicide for all. This must surely be the most dramatic lethal and final action that proves beyond any doubt, that capitalism is a destructive force and doesn't and can't work for the people. It is either the destruction of capitalism, or the destruction of the species. The chose is ours.
       The following from AMW
Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

      More than 18,000 Mura people live in Amazonas state, the largest state in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.
       Logging companies have cleared away an area the size of several football fields near their village, leaving a broad dirt hole in the ground pockmarked by the treads of heavy machinery.
    “With each passing day, we see the destruction advance: deforestation, invasion, logging,” said Handerch Wakana Mura, one of several leaders of a tribal clan of more than 60 people.
       “We are sad because the forest is dying at every moment. We feel the climate changing and the world needs the forest.”
       Indeed, Amazon deforestation has surged 67% in the first seven months of the year from the same period a year ago, as the Bolsonaro regime has ramped up environmental destruction.
       Forest fires were up more than 80% in the country year-to-date, hitting their highest point since at least 2013.
       Everywhere in the region around the Mura village, pockets of fire were raging.
      The fascist President Jair Bolsonaro has called for the development of protected reserves and railed against environmental fines, emboldening loggers and farmers who seek to clear the land, sometimes by setting fires.
      Deforestation in the area began four years ago, and only last year were loggers and those extracting rocks to build a nearby roadway forced out.
      Logging subsequently jumped across the roadway, with a huge area of downed trees visible by drone.
       When that abated, the Mura people came upon a path through the jungle nearby that had recently been hewn with chainsaws and machetes – a logging path and the first sign of a new area that would be targeted.
      This time, the path runs particularly close to a group of Brazil nut trees the clan harvests, a major traditional food source for indigenous people in the area, Handerch Wakana Mura and other tribal leaders say.
      The Mura clan plans to fight against loggers and others exploiting the land through militant resistance.
     The clan says it will be a tough battle, with Bolsonaro having vowed not to set aside any more tribal land.
      Leader Raimundo Praia Belem Mura, a 73-year-old who has lived on the land his entire life, has vowed to fight to the bitter end.

    “For this forest, I will go on until my last drop of blood,” he said.
      A small group armed with spears, bows and arrows, cannot be left alone to fight this corporate juggernaut suicide mission, if ever solidarity was needed it is now.
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