Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Help Bring Our Family Together.

          As the far right continues to raise its vile head and spout it's divisive vomit, pitting people against people, we the ordinary people have to come together celebrating our differences, our different histories, our different cultures. We have to grasp the truth and realise that we live in a small planet with limited resources and we all belong to the same family, the human family. Any philosophy that divides us, destroys us, we can't survive living in our own wee small enclave at odds with and in competition with others. We can only survive by coming together in mutual co-operation and sharing those finite resources.
        Glasgow is home to a multitude of cultures, each with its own unique history, a history of struggle of ordinary people for survival.
         Glasgow has a history it can be proud of, of different cultures coming together and working to their mutual benefit and to the enrichment of our city's vibrancy. The people of Glasgow have come together time and time again to embrace that co-operation and mutual respect among its very varied communities. The most recent has been the Govanhill International Festival and Carnival, an event of joy and an exciting pleasure that does Glasgow proud.
       Coming up on the near horizon is another multi-culture festival a coming together of a variety of cultures and histories, part of the mosaic that makes human life so vibrant, so rich and so enjoyable.
       This one is to be held in that great wee town of Pitlochry, It is the Bing Anee Festival, so mark your diary and see if you can make your way there and help make the human family a richer and happier family than it is a present.

Details of the Bing Anee Festival:
            Please visit the Website pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com
             or enquire via the Box Office Phone 01796 484 626
Visit ann arky's home at https://radicalglasgow.me.uk

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