Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Matter Of Spin.

        Two more days, two more poems. An old one, but as nothing changes in this system, I think it is still relevant.


At last the poverty's more affable
now it's administered with a smile
we've entered the age of new waffle
old greed with a brand new style.

hard choices to curb the wealth makers
new policies to make the rich grin
plans to protect the wealth takers
it's all just a matter of spin.

New Britain's the envy of Europe
low pay's the call of the day
fat cats have plenty of scope
on off-shore tax-havens to play.

Welfare to work's the cry
that's when the illusions begin
to sell you some pie-in-the-sky
it's all just a matter of spin.

Ethical foreign policy's the new game
as the free market still prevails
watch East Timor burst into flame
with new conscience directed sales.

You know single parents cost us dear
our patience with disabled's growing thin
tough decisions are how we'll steer
it's all just a matter of spin.

Your health service is bankrupt
education is in decline
still,   we mustn't disrupt
the holy free market shrine.

23 billion for trident
900 million to a millenium bin
no need to seek your consent
it's all just a matter of spin.

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