Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Seasons.

If we are fortunate, our life is like a year, it has all the seasons.


When you look, it's plain to see,
spring has crossed these mountains,
------------------ many years before;
kissed their slopes, with shoots of hope,
promised so much more.

Then sweeping in, in a blaze of life,
summer saw the promises bloom,
---------------- many years before;
bathed the dreams, in bounteous streams,
birds began to soar.

So with stealth, and deceptive charm,
autumn cooled the gurgling streams,
------------------ many years before;
slowed their pace. to one of grace,
quietly closed a door.

Now, with vulgar haste, and callous force,
winter assaults those mighty peaks,
--------------- of many years before;
as gathering clouds, spread their shroud,
memories start to pour.

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