Friday, 18 April 2014


Today's tumbling thought-----


In learned books what do we gain,
argue Heidegger with Russell, Sartre, Berlin,
quote Descartes, Kant, Wittgenstein,
know all the answers
to a world we never live in.

So,   richer by far a labourer be
perhaps, never to read nor write
but with a glance, a smiling eye,
name each tree, each bird in flight.

Who'll stand in awe at a burning sunrise,
enjoy the cool moisture of a summer shower,
wonder at life in a woodland paradise,
marvel at the changing colour in every hour.

Glow at the warmth in a lover's embrace,
willingly give that gentle kiss,
lovingly touch a smiling face,
relish holding hands in silent bliss.

Experience magic through a child's sight,
know how to dry its tear,
when to lift it, hold it tight,
bringing comfort, chasing fear.

Desipient bookworms may shake their head
mock his untutored state, only see a fool;
his knowledge will stand him in greater stead,
he took his learning at a more erudite school.

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