Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Smoke And Mirrors Of Ukraine.

      It is difficult to get the truth of what is going on in the Ukraine, at work are vested interests, each with their own hidden agenda, the propaganda machines are at full throttle. On Ukraine, the mainstream media, that babbling brook of bullshit, has become a raging torrent of sewage. Figures and maps are thrown around, and all of them prove anything you want, or nothing at all. America accuses Russia of destabilising the country for its own interests, something the Americans should know something about, since they have been doing it across the globe for decades. Whatever information we may get from Ukraine, you can rest assured that it will not be the voice of the people of Ukraine. That story will not come through our corrupt, biased and corporate controlled media. 

       There is a very informative article by William Boardman, who writes for Reader Supported News, the article is worth a read, below is just a couple of short quotes:
     Before the Maidan began in Kiev in the fall of 2013, the Russians were allowed by treaty to have 25,000 troops in Ukraine, all in bases in Crimea. Once Russia controlled Crimea, early reports of Russian troops in Ukraine often confused this reality with other things that may or may not have been real, such as the March 7 report that the Pentagon estimated the presence of “20,000 Russian troops in Ukraine.” If true, the Russians would seem to have been under-massed by about 5,000 troops.  Whatever else was true during the Crimea takeover, there were no pictures of massive Russian troop movements. Video of Russian tanks moving to Crimea on trains were, if real, showing those tanks moving unmolested through southern Ukraine, the only rail route from Russia to Crimea.

      And there’s another constituency with a clear vested interested in pushing the Russian threat toward a new Cold War: arms makers (excuse me: “defense contractors”). As the NATO secretary general said quite plainly at the NATO Transformation Seminar, April 8:
“The reality is that Europeans have disarmed too much and for too long In NATO, we have agreed a defence spending guideline of 2% of Gross Domestic Product. Too few Allies meet this guideline. And too many have moved too far in the other direction. This is the time to stop the cuts and start reversing the trend.”
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