Friday, 18 April 2014

The State's Soldierless War.

       War is the state's method of defending and expanding its corporate empire, but becomes increasingly difficult to sustain as public opinion starts to rebel against the continuing line of young dead and injured returning for foreign lands. Enter the drone, the ideal state weapon, war with no casualties to the perpetrator. You can carry out your carnage from a comfortable office, the young people involved can lead a normal office life. No need to get dirty, no need to be fit, no need to risk your life as you kill the others. There is something sinister and immoral about young people sitting in an office, looking at a monitor and unleashing death and devastation on unsuspecting people in another country.
       Over the last ten years or so the use of armed drones has seen an very dramatic increase and an ever increasing spread across more countries, the most recent count is that ten countries in the world have been hit by drone strikes. For a while it was Afghanistan and Pakistan that received the majority of these strikes, but in recent years they have spread to Africa. Yemen being the country that now receives daily strikes, that not only kill, but create terror among the local population of innocent people including children and elderly.
        The state will not give up on war, though we have not declared war since the end of the second world war, we have never been at peace. The US and the UK have been involved in combat in different countries across the globe almost unceasingly. Now with the advent of the drone, that job is becoming easier for the state. We make drone strikes in foreign countries, killing and maiming its citizens, without any declaration of war, we often refer to these countries as friendly nations.
       Countries with drones are on the increase, this is the shape of war to come, no declaration, no troops on the ground, no dead or injured coming home, just death and carnage in a far away place, that we don't know too much about. We are supposed to get on with watching tele and shopping, while the various states squabble as they carve up the the world's resources by means of death and destruction. We can surely do better than this.
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      Over half of Yemen's 24.8 million citizens hear it every day — the sound of a robot plane bringing death from the sky.
      Drone strikes don't require troops on the ground. They happen off-screen, and out of Americans' minds. But for the people of Yemen, the constant terror of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, of playing or working near a suspect of some unspecified crime, is what's breeding terrorists in an area crippled by fear.
     Enough of children's scarred skeletons, of cars reduced to melted metal, of the massacre of a foreign people without reason or mercy.
      Please, join us in demanding President Obama stop murder by drone, and stop breeding a new culture of hate, terror and trauma!
PETITION TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: Drone strikes in Yemen do nothing to stop Al Qaeda and everything to terrify civilians, kill innocents and traumatize generations. Stop this brutal practice now.

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