Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Great Design!

       April, poem a day month, banish the politicians from the stage, let the bards speak for the people.


Sad truths but little addressed
slow rises potential by poverty depressed

gracious living and good health
cruelly linked to personal wealth

self-esteem with youth's sweet flower
steeped in poverty soon turns sour

hopes and dreams in life's rich game
to the poor are distant, broken, lame,

masses trapped in living decay,
homeless, hungry, growing day by day,

midst wealth, so much human dereliction
makes a travesty of your god's benediction,

see minister, mullah, rabbi, priest,
indulging in some royal feast

kissing the hand that wears the crown
twittering with ladies in flowing gowns

then with sanctimonious solemn face
tell the poor, "accept your place"

preaching poverty as some great design
from a being all powerful and benign!

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