Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I'm Sick.

Today's little rant-----


I'm sick of missing the theatre
when "The greatest show on earth",
arrives in town.
Sick of living through the winter
with the heating turned down.

I'm sick of seeing my kids
miss out on this and that.
Sick of living with dampness
in a run-down council flat.

I'm sick of having beans on toast
every other day.
Sick of TV shows extolling
a healthy life-style way.

I'm sick of wearing the same old jacket,
hail, rain or shine.
Sick of being told
the problem's really mine.

I'm sick of being a statistic
in some ministerial debate.
Sick of quietly letting
them decide my fate.

I'm sick of being offered work
if I accept a lower wage.
Sick of trying to control
this pent-up bubbling rage.

I'm sick-----------------
I'm not,   realy sick,
though I soon will be,
I'm just obliged to live
on benefit.

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