Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Charity Is No Answer To Poverty.

Is it possible for a shaking can to eliminate the poverty?


Day and daily the cry goes up
cans are shaken beneath your nose,
give generously, help fill their cup,
but anybody that can think, knows
our poverty is deeper than the pocket.

Poor, struggling to create a life
as privilege shuts the door,
feeling the thrust of poverty's knife
cut right to the core,
they know, poverty's deeper than the pocket.

Rich, no desire to arrest
this Tammany that purloins by stealth,
potential, opportunity, by poverty oppressed,
inequality, injustice, privilege tied to wealth
ensure, poverty's deeper than the pocket.

Prince's fund, charity shop,
gala evening for some "GOOD" cause,
smiling patronage from the top,
egos washed in loud applause
all to conceal, poverty's deeper than the pocket.

We don't want your charity
patronisingly given from plundered gold
accrued by endless barbarity
from a system where dignity is sold:
you're the reason, poverty's deeper than the pocket.

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