Thursday, 24 April 2014

Holly Joes And Sharp-Shooters.

      Isn't it strange how the holly Joes end up with their finger on the trigger. We had that fundamentalist Christian, Bush, with his messianic Catholic buddie, Blair, blasting the people of Iraq back to the stone age. Then we sighed a sigh of relief when they were gone, only to find that Etonian millionaire Cameron finds guidance in church on a Sunday. He wishes to act like Dynrod, clearing a way for Christians to be more open in The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. Why do nutcases get to the top of the heap? The last thing we need in a volatile world, is those in charge getting their information from an imaginary man in the sky. All of them of course convinced that their man in the sky is the only one, and always right, and each coming back with a different message.
      We have created a system where holly Joe visionaries and sharp-shooting conmen rule the roost. They hold the reins of power, selfishly stashing the plunder in their personal coffers, obviously mayhem will continue until we remove the nutcases from power, and take charge of our own lives.
      The record of the holly Joe and sharp-shooter society, is one of injustice, violence, poverty, deprivation, and a planet that is dying from human abuse.
     I'm sure any one of us could come up with a fairer and saner way to run society, but it wont happen, unless we the ordinary people stand up, take those reins and control the direction we wish to go. A fairer, sustainable society that sees to the needs of all our people is surely not beyond our ability.

Grand Plans.

In this world where we serve oblivion
with a blind pride and sure conviction
creating plans to land a man on Mars
grandiose schemes to conquer the stars
eyes on horizons ever further afield
believing, to us the universe will yield.
Yet here on Earth we fail to see
a chaotic world of human debris,
our magnificent results thus far
a planet dying from a human scar,
oblivious that our plans sublime
are mere litter scattered in space and time.

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