Monday, 21 April 2014

Proof - Money Rules.


    So, two very respected professors from Princeton and Northwestern universities, do an extensive study and come up with what you and I already know, “America is not a democracy”. Well it is nice to get confirmation of your opinion from such established institutions. Of course, we are also very sure that if the two learned professors took the methods across the Atlantic to the UK, they would come up with the same findings, money rules the UK. Is there anybody out there that still believes that there is such a thing as Western democracy?

       It’s not every day that an academic article in the arcane world of American political science makes headlines around the world, but then again, these aren’t normal days either. On Wednesday, various mainstream media outlets — including even the conservative British daily The Telegraph — ran a series of articles with essentially the same title: “Study finds that US is an oligarchy.” Or, as the Washington Post summed up: “Rich people rule!” The paper, according to the review in the Post, “should reshape how we think about American democracy.”
       The conclusion sounds like it could have come straight out of a general assembly or drum circle at Zuccotti Park, but the authors of the paper in question — two Professors of Politics at Princeton and Northwestern University — aren’t quite of the radical dreadlocked variety. No, like Piketty’s book, this article is real “science”. It’s even got numbers in it! Martin Gilens of Princeton and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University took a dataset of 1,779 policy issues, ran a bunch of regressions, and basically found that the United States is not a democracy after all:
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