Saturday, 5 April 2014

The New Imperialist Mercenaries.

         In the past Africa helped the empires of Britain, France, Germany, Belgium etc. to enrich their coffers and swell the bank accounts of captains of industry. Of course this help wasn't given willingly, it was extracted at the point of a gun and under the most brutal hand of occupation. For many decades the peoples of Africa fought continuous savage battles to throw off the yoke of brutal colonialism. In most cases the imperialist troops left, but not before the men of empire had set up a series of corrupt puppet governments, to enable the rich resources of that continent to be continued to be plundered for the enrichment of the West. Today the imperialists of the West continue their rape and plunder of the African peoples, though this time round it is not with the gun and brutal occupation. The new troops are mercenaries in the shape of Western corporations, backed up and financed by the various Western governments, the UK a willing partner. To the big corporations Africa has no people, only resources and the Western governments support whole heartedly that philosophy. Your tax money goes to support the new imperialists as they ride roughshod over the peoples of Africa, plundering, polluting and empoverishing that vast continent to bolster the wealth and power of the Western corporations. Africa has untold wealth and resources, they are being extracted in vast unimaginable quantities, but its people are among the poorest on the planet. The enormous wealth from those resources in the the vast majority of cases, end up in the pockets of Western corporations. It is simply government backed, supported and sponsored plunder.
From The World Development Movement.

Published on Apr 3, 2014

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      Executives from companies including Monsanto and Unilever visit the UK government to thank ministers for their support in carving up the African continent for their profits.
     This spoof video highlights how the UK government is channelling millions of pounds worth of aid into helping multinational corporations get their hands on African resources and markets.
     Some of the world's biggest multinational food corporations see Africa as the final frontier for expanding their markets. This is kicking off what African groups are calling a "new corporate scramble for Africa"

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This is a spoof stunt by the World Development Movement

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  1. Thank you for this info and the blog.

    Aid as Imperialism, once again.
    I guess the 'global economy' just has to keep expanding to pay off all those past IOUs!
    When there is finally nowhere to expand to, we are going to have a lot of unpayable IOUs, I reckon.

    (BTW, a correction... link is
    your post left out the 'uk' bit)

    1. Thanks for your comment, and the link has been corrected.