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Continuous Imperialist Intervention.

         The UK imperialist state's  new adventure in Iraq is added to a long catalogue of foreign interventions by both the US and the UK. Both nations talk of peace since the end of the second world war, but in fact it has been 69 years of continuous wars by both imperialist powers. Their military reach has touched a vast number of nations on the planet, killing countless thousands, probably millions. 
 UK imperialist troops in Kenya.
       They both wear the cloak of peace, while brandishing the imperial sword.

 US imperialist troops in the Philippines. 
      The US military has intervened in more than 70 nations, while the UK is not far behind. Together they have certainly invaded and intervened in more countries than any other nation on the planet. Yet they still masquerade as peaceful nations.
The US catalogue is as follows:

China, 1945-49:

Italy, 1947-48:

Greece, 1947-49:

Philippines, 1945-53:

South Korea, 1945-53:

Albania, 1949-53:

Germany, 1950s: .

Iran, 1953:

Guatemala, 1953-1990s:

Middle East, 1956-58:

Indonesia, 1957-58:

British Guiana/Guyana, 1953-64:

Vietnam, 1950-73:

Cambodia, 1955-73:

The Congo/Zaire, 1960-65:

Brazil, 1961-64:

Dominican Republic, 1963-66:

Cuba, 1959 to present:

Indonesia, 1965:

Chile, 1964-73:

Greece, 1964-74:

East Timor, 1975 to present:

Nicaragua, 1978-89:

Grenada, 1979-84:

Libya, 1981-89:

Panama, 1989:

Iraq, 1990s:

Afghanistan, 1979-92:

El Salvador, 1980-92:

Haiti, 1987-94:

Yugoslavia, 1999: 

Gulf war 1991

Afghanistan War 2001

The Iraq war 2003

Libya 2011 

Iraq 2014

Syria 2014

More details of these US conflicts can be found at Third World Traveller.

The UK list:

Greek Civil War (1944-1947)
Palestine, 1945-1948
South East Asia, 1945-1946
Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960
Korean War, 1950-1953
Anglo-Egyptian War of 1951-1952 (1951-1952)
Mau Mau Insurgency, 1952-1956
Cyprus Emergency, 1955-1959
Suez/Sinai War (1956)
Muscat and Oman Intervention (1957-1959)
Jordan Intervention (1958)
Indonesia Conflicts, 1960-1966
Ugandan Army Mutiny (1964)
Aden Conflict, 1964-1967
The Conflict in Northern Ireland
The Falkland Islands War (1982)
Falkland Islands War Images and Pictures
Gulf War( 1991)
Former Yugoslavia Peacekeeping Operations
Afghanistan War (2001-Present)
Iraq War (2003-Present)
Operation Phillis, Cote d'Ivoire, 2004 (MoD)
Libyan War (2011)
        Iraq 2014
Details of these UK conflicts can be found at History Guy.
    With this brutal record of intervening militarily in the internal affairs of so many countries, how can they still hold onto the illusion of being peaceful nations?
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