Sunday, 14 September 2014

War Means Climate Change.

    I get pissed off by those posh political parasitic bastards, who talk about reducing our carbon footprint, telling us to recycle more, just boil enough water for the cups of tea you need, turn your heating down, (though most of us do that because of the bills anyway). Pointing the finger at us, as problem about carbon emission, then in the next breath, talk of launching another war.

A really big carbon footprint.

     Apart from the human misery, the financial cost of war is staggering, it is estimated that the Iraq war cost the US approximately $1.5 trillion with a further $600 billion for after care of veterans. War also has a massive carbon footprint, all the way back to the research and development, production, storage, transportation and exports of the arms industry, to the utilisation in the war zone, all for what? One US M1 tank releases as much CO2 as 10 large Mercedes Benz cars. It was estimated that the detonation of 50 nuclear warheads of 15 kilo-tonnes each, would release  approximately 690 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. This compares with the estimated 250 to 600 million tons of CO2 released during the Iraq war. Modern wars create massive releases of CO2 into the atmosphere, add to this the CO2 emissions from the necessary reconstruction of the destroyed infrastructure after the destruction. Any government pursuing a green agenda could not possibly contemplate war as an answer to any problem. If your are thinking green, then you have to get rid of states, and their continuous wars for power and resources. No matter how much I recycle, how shallow my bath is, how low my heating is, it is totally wiped by any one of our lords' and masters' brutal escapades in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, drone attacks in Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Israel's savage war games in Gaza. All of these inhumane and savage, massive carbon footprint, power enterprises, make lots of money for that select few, and that is the real climate problem, it is the system that has to be destroyed.

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