Sunday, 28 September 2014

Being Bitten By The Beast You Fed.

        Analysis of what is going on in the Middle East will not be found in the babbling brook of bullshit that is our mainstream media, we have to look back at history. The West's hatred of anything Soviet, lead to the American imperialists handing a blank cheque to the CIA, with the explicit instructions for it to be pour that cash into support, training and funding any ragbag of nut case fundamentalist groups that would take a pop-shot at the Soviets in Afghanistan. Fast forward, through the bombing of Iraq and we arrive at ISlS, or IS, or ISIL, whatever label they wish, it is still the same fundamentalist religious nutters that the American imperialists deliberately created because of their psychopathic desire to control the world. Strange how things come back to bite you.

       (Parenthetic digression: obviously the CIA didn't directly intend to train and arm these aforementioned dangerous assholes: if they'd known where it would all go they'd have been horrified. But in the 1980s they didn't have a clue about Qutbism, so they handed an open chequebook to ISI, who in turn doled out cash and guns to anyone who would inflict grief on the Soviets in Afghanistan, and perhaps if Zbignew Brzezinski's state department had been slightly more forward-looking and clear eyed they might have pondered where all these angry young men with leet bomb-making skillz were going to go once the Soviets were defeated ... but that's all water under the bridge. Or is it? One thing's certainly true: western governments' track record in picking proxies to fight their wars for them are generally so disastrous that it's almost as if they were looking for rabid dogs. Hmm, time to re-read Chomsky.)
        And you know something else? If George W. Bush hadn't had such a raging hard-on for Saddam Hussein, if he hadn't railroaded everyone into invading Iraq, this needn't have happened. Al Qaida have grown into a full-scale scary government-shaped object with a revolutionary ideology because Bush created a power vacuum for them to expand into. (And Obama helped, by not actively propping up the weak Ba'athist regime in Syria — who are bastards, but at least they're not trying to destroy western civilization for a hobby.)
       It is to weep. But we've made our bed and now I suppose we must drop bombs on it.
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