Monday, 29 September 2014

Oil And Religion, A Bad Mix.

      What is really happening in Iraq and Syria, where does Turkey stand in this bloodshed, where does IS get all their hard wear. Turkey has a vested interest in seeing the Kurds defeated, but as usual, it is all sold as good verses evil, when in fact it is all political manoeuvring for power and territory, by the power mongers. The blood of the people will be shed at the dictate of imperial ideology and religious fundamentalism. Under the veil of a battle between good and evil will lie rich oilfields.
     The corporate imperial West is very reluctant to arm the Kurds as they are building a form of federalism and people's assemblies, not the sort of thing the West wants to see in an oil rich area. No where in this can we say that the West is there for the benefit of the people of that area, the West can quite easily turn its back on brutal repression if the benefits are not rich enough for them. Brutal regimes can be our allies, friendly trading partners, as long as they play ball with their resources. It's when those resources are under threat that those same nations become evil empires and have to be destroyed.

       Moreover, the earlier defeat of IS by the Syrian Kurdish forces both in Kobanê and Sinjar has been interpreted as a slap in the face of the jihadists. Especially the fact that almost a third of the Kurdish militias are made up of women has served to shame the radical Islamists who prefer to see women covered in black robes from head to toe, rather than unveiled, independent and empowered with a AK-47 in their hands.
       The last important fact that has put Kobanê high on the agenda of the Islamic State is that this is the place where the Rojava revolution started on July 19, 2012, when the town was liberated from Assad’s forces and became home to the Democratic People’s Revolution. In this struggle, Syria’s Kurds have declared their autonomy from the state and have since been working to implement democratic confederalism and people’s assemblies as a means to govern themselves.
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