Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Enslave The Unemployed, Hide The Homeless.

       How does Cameron and Osborne, the Financial Mafia's two UK hit-men, help the most vulnerable in our community? Well they are trying workfare, where people work for free, to be honest, this is more an attempt help their corporate buddies and to legalise slavery. Then there is "sanctioning" this is where they take the poorest in the community and remove whatever little income they have, making the individual destitute. However these policies tend to cause another symbol of a country's poverty to appear, begging. To our pompous privileged Oxbridge parasites, begging sends out the wrong message, it exposes their claim of growth and prosperity as myth. So how can they help those unfortunate individuals who find themselves sitting in all weathers begging to survive? Well according to the powers that be,

"Begging will not be tolerated in the City of Westminster or any other London borough. Wherever possible people begging will be arrested and ASBOs sought where appropriate."  Problem solved, poverty eradicated. Or more accurately, imprisoned, moved on to another area, hidden from the affluent centres. We must keep the centres of consumption nice and pleasant, for the more affluent and of course those lucrative tourists. 

     The article in the The Huffington Post has an array of photos of people sleeping rough in London in numbers that are an affront to any civilized country, and an indictment of this system of rule by the financial Mafia. The system will not sort out the reason for sleeping rough, it will merely intimidate, threaten, harass, move on. Push them deeper into the darker recesses of this corrupt system, and when out of sight, they can display their myth to the world, that we are a very affluent society. 


     We are a very rich country, a country overflowing with wealth and resources, every penny of which was created by the ordinary people of this country. However it has been purloined, plundered and stolen, and now lies in the hands of those who sweep the poor under the carpet, while implementing policies that create more poor. It doesn't have to be this way.

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