Monday, 8 September 2014

Corporate Greed And Right-wing Governments.

       Turkish companies, like companies everywhere, rub their hands with greed driven glee, as their government moves ever more to the right, they jump in and try to crush any workers organisation that they consider might impede their ever increasing exploitation of the workforce.

 This appeal from IUF:
       Union members at the Turkish Sütas dairy company are fighting for their rights against mass intimidation by management including dismissals, criminal complaints to the prosecution office, police raids on the union offices and the dumping of 13 tons of liquid manure on the sit-in area across the factory gate where the dismissed workers were picketing.
       The IUF-affiliated Tobacco, Drink, Food and Allied workers Union, TEKGIDA-Is, began organizing workers at Sütas dairy company in 2012. The company responded with mass dismissals targeting union members between October 2012 and August 2014, leaving 83 workers and their families without income. Many workers are harassed and compelled to resign from their union membership by threats and calls to their families. To break the workers' picket management poured 13 tons of liquid manure on the area.
     You can support their struggle for union rights and recognition. CLICK HERE to send a message to Sütas management calling on the company to reinstate the 83 dismissed union members, stop harassing the workers who want to join the union and recognize TEKGIDA-Is.
     And if you have not yet had the opportunity to do so, please take a moment to support the German Food Workers and their members' fight for a first collective agreement with the transnational catering and retail giant Autogrill - CLICK HERE!
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