Thursday, 25 September 2014

Those Dark Forces.

      It seems that some people don't like Contra Info and are doing their best to stop you useing the site. So if you have difficulty get the site to load it is those dark forces that don't like the free flow of information. Just keep trying.

Hello to everyone,
       Over the past 3 weeks one of our servers is experiencing a large-scale cyber attack (DDoS). Multiple infected hosts from different parts of the world are participating in the attack, so we can’t really know who’s behind it. No user data has been compromised; however, the attackers have caused network congestion. As a result, the blogs, websites and fora hosted on espiv are hardly accessible or entirely unavailable.
      Unfortunately there are very few things we can do to mitigate this type of attack. Nevertheless, we are considering possible alternatives to improve the accessibility of our services.

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