Monday, 22 September 2014

Tony Blair, Holy Man Of War.

      He's at it again, Britain's own fundamentalist holy man, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, is spouting, we need to put troops on the ground in Iraq. Well Tony, get your gun and go, leave the rest of us to resist this eagerness to enter another bloodbath in Iraq, and else where. We have shed innocent blood in Iraq before, in the 1920's and again in 2003. This Christian fundamentalists  seems to have some sort of psychological fixation with sending young members of the British working class to kill and be killed in some vision of a mythical moral high ground.

      This devout Christian holy man has done very well out of his, "Labour politics", and war crimes, and now flies around in a £30 million hired private jet. His fortune is stated to be in excess of £75 million and growing, but is considered by many, very many, to be a war criminal. This is the type of individual that the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, continue to interview and quote, as if their words were profound and rational, it's celebrity politics.

      No doubt the other war mongering millionaires in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, will be delighted at his latest Christian mutterings of "send in the troops".
      We can expect nothing but foreign wars and more young innocent blood to flow, as long as we tolerate the Blair, Cameron, Osborne, etc. dangerous puppets of the financial Mafia to control our lives. Our "friendly" interference in Iraq and elsewhere has left millions living in squalor, deprivation and fear, and according to the imperialists, all for their own good. When will we end this charade.

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