Thursday, 11 September 2014

There's Lots Of Money In Wars.

 Exported Democracy Western Style.
       Here we go, here we go, here we go, once again the American lead Western war machine is cranking up for another blood bath. This time it is under the guise of stopping ISIS. We have lived through continuous wars, here there and everywhere, we leave shattered, broken countries in our wake. Just as we leave the rubble of one country, we head for another.  We brought "democracy" to Afghanistan, and left Iraq a "democratic" model for the rest of the Middle East, excuse the irony in such a tragic affair. We returned Libya to warring tribalism, support a military take over in Egypt, that is more brutal than the Hosni Mubarak regime, whose overthrow we helped engineer. We support the Syrian Free Army, a ragtag of tribal fundamentalists, who kidnapped the American journalist, Sotloff, sold him to ISIS, who later beheaded him. The difference between ISIS and the Syrian Free Army, is not one of ideology, it is more of territory. People pressure stopped the war monster from bombing Syrian back to the stone age, so now we have found a way to do it through the back door. If our aim really is to destroy ISIS, then all we have to do is stop supporting the ragtag mob of fundamentalists called the Syrian Free Army, and the Syrian regime with the help of Iran, could very rapidly destroy ISIS, while we get on with trying to sort out our own economic problems here at home.

 Enter Freedom.
      Who gains from all this march of destruction by the West? Well looking at the evidence it is certainly not those countries that we have "helped" with our military might. Disaster reigns across North Africa and the whole of the Middle East, to Afghanistan. No, those who gain are the war hogs, the arms industry, the banks, the financial Mafia, the big corporations, these are the power behind the wars, these are the only people who gain. We the people across the globe shed our blood, and country after country crumbles back to a barbaric stone age, all with the moral stamp of bring "democracy" and "fighting terrorism", all pure unadulterated bullshit. It is money and power, and to hell with the people, no matter the country.

A New Way Of Life.
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